Wanttohunt GSPs breeds to improve, preserve and enhance the
characteristics that make the German Shorthaired Pointer unique.
Wanttohunt German Shorthaired Pointers is dedicated to breeding healthy, happy, intelligent puppies.

Our goal is to produce the best quality puppies possible.  We strive for a hunting dog with great intensity
for birds and the beautiful conformation and style of a show dog.  Wanttohunt Kennels is dedicated to
breeding quality hunting dogs that are also a joy to have as part of the family.  Great care and effort are
taken to ensure excellent health, genetics, natural abilities and temperament in our Sires and Dams.  

While adhering to the guidelines of the breed standard, we understand that we have a responsibility to
produce dogs that are not only beautiful to look at but are also outstanding representatives of their breed
in every way.  Temperament, correct structure, instinctive and natural hunting ability, intelligence and a
willingness to please are all attributes that we consider to be necessary in the development of each and
every puppy that is born and raised here in our home.  Every single puppy is nurtured, loved, and
encouraged to develop its own personality and independence.

Our puppies are whelped under close supervision in our home.  We work closely with our veterinarian to
ensure they receive the best care possible.  Both parents receive pre-breeding health checks, receive
regular veterinary care, current vaccinations and testing and treatment for any parasites.  Ongoing
veterinary care, regular exercise and good nutrition ensure continued health of the parents and
subsequently the puppies.

All puppies have their tails docked and dewclaws removed between two & four days old by our
veterinarian.  All puppies receive a physical exam from our vet, are micro-chipped, have their first
immunizations and are wormed prior to leaving our home.   The puppies will be introduced to the great
outdoors as early as possible, weather permitting.  
ALL Puppies are sold with a written contract and health guarantee.  All puppies are sold on a Limited
Registration, unless the puppy is to be shown in Conformation (Conformation possibilities will be discussed
on an individual basis)   AKC Limited registration is identical to full registration, except that any offspring
will not be eligible for AKC registration.   Limited registration
does allow the puppy to participate in all
AKC-sanctioned non-conformation events.  Click here to go to the AKC website on
AKC limited registration

We are confident that you will be happy with any Wanttohunt GSP  that you purchase from us.

We will always be available for advice and guidance for the life of the dog.  We consider ourselves to be a
most important resource and support system throughout the dog's lifetime, and it's never a bother or an
inconvenience to be contacted for help or input when it concerns our dogs and their well-being.  

Sometimes circumstances in lives change.   If a change in circumstance requires giving up your dog, we
require that the dog be returned to us or permission given by us to place the puppy in a home we have
We do not ship puppies to buyers sight unseen.  Unless you can provide references from people we
know, we expect you to come here to meet us and pick up your new GSP in person.  Homes with fenced
yards are preferred.  We expect the dog will live inside with the family and receive the appropriate
veterinary care throughout its life.   

At Wanttohunt GSPs, we feel it is very important that the right puppy be matched up with the right family.
All puppies are temperament/aptitude tested and their structure graded prior to being placed into their
new homes.  The goal is to match the puppy according to what their new families are wanting them for,
and what their expectations are. Puppies do not leave our home before the age of 8 weeks.   All of our
puppies leave with Puppy Packets that contain your contract and warranty papers, pedigree and health
clearances, puppy's pertinent papers, health record, as well as helpful information to help you get off to
the right start with your puppy.   We encourage some form of puppy  kindergaten/socialazition or
obedience class for new puppies and their families.  

We are as selective in our choice of homes as we are in our choice of breeding stock.  We feel responsible
for all our puppies throughout their lives and want to ensure that they'll be well cared for, secure, and
loved until the end of their days.  The "pick" puppies need to be decided upon first, and often this is not
finalized until the puppies are 6-7 weeks old.  We reserve the show/competition puppies to go to serious
competition homes.  Then we will suggest puppies we think are suitable for your situation bearing in mind
the temperament of the puppy and your family lifestyle.  We do not rate puppies as 1st, 2nd or 3rd; rather
we want to match puppy personality & temperament to the proper home for the puppy.

Since our kennel is small, we can only produce one to two litters a year.  We don't have puppies available
all the time.  We seldom promise puppies in advance because we don't know until they're born and have
done some growing exactly what we'll be offering for sale.  We realize this can be frustrating if you want a
puppy right now, but remember that your new GSP will be an intimate member of your family for at least
12 to 14 years.  It's worth waiting for the right one!

We will at times refer people to other reputable breeders based on what they are looking for or what we have at that
time. Remember, Registration papers are not a guarantee of a quality puppy, neither is a high price tag. This is not a
time to look for a basement bargain. This is a relationship that will last for 12 to 14 years so make sure you are getting a
dog that you can live with, one that is healthy, has a sound temperament and will be a joy to have as a companion.
Dewy & Jazz puppies - Fall 2011
Dewy & Jazz puppies - Fall 2011
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